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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

It’s hard work being a blogger. We’re especially good at hiding that. Creating a blog that looks natural and effortless takes up a lot of time. Now lets be honest, its not something many of us have excessive amounts of - which is why its so important how that time is used. I like to plan my time as much as possible so I can make sure everything is done when it needs to be. In the past, I’ve bought a separate yearly diary to keep my blogging schedule up to date and organised, but this year I wanted something a little different. Somewhere I could organise my time but somewhere I could also keep track of my stats, giveaways and photo shoots all in one place. I knew I would have to create something myself for it to tick all the boxes.

I created a new indesign document, sat down with a cup of tea and got to work. Eventually I had a finished product in front of me, uploaded it to dox direct and a few days later, my planner arrived through the postbox. It was exactly what I had pictured and It means I can keep all of my planning together and don't need to buy countless notebooks everytime one runs out. Every month I have pages to log To-do lists, Post schedules, Photo shoot checklists...literally anything you might possibly need a list/checklist for is in there (I like lists, okay?)

It definitely helps to keep everything up to date- if I can clearly see what needs doing by when, my time can be used in the best way possible and I can make sure it's all done on time! I know that a lot of people work differently and many would prefer to keep everything digital- I personally like to have a pen in my hand and a notebook I can keep referring to. It's something I know works for me and will be great to look back on as a little dust progresses. Right, I'm off to go alphabetise something..

What's your tip to staying organised?

abi x


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