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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

"Before you leave the house, take a look in the mirror and take one thing off
Coco Chanel

They're pretty famous words and a mantra I'm sure many follow religiously, but its never a concept I've used myself. I'm not a minimalist in any aspect of my life. I love clutter and personality and definitely seem to follow this rule in terms of my jewellery.

I've been an excessive jewellery wearer for a while now. I'm happy to admit that I often wear too much- unlike Coco, I'm more likely to look in that mirror and add another three things rather than take them off. I'll never just wear one bracelet, I'll wear 5 or 6. Not even one ring, more like 14 or 15 (a bit crazy, I know) I feel like it's my jewellery which really shows my personality and style at the time, maybe even more so than the clothes I'm wearing.

My collection has been growing for a few years now. I mean, I've been collecting jewellery since forever, but before, I mostly bought costume jewellery- items I'd wear constantly for months until they'd turn green and I'd be forced to get rid of. I try to stick with sterling silver pieces now, and items that have memories or meanings. My charm bracelet has been built up since my 18th birthday. I've collected Chamilia, Pandora and Lovelinks charms and created a bracelet filled with 6 years of memories. My rings have been collected from holidays abroad and a couple of websites I've found over the past year- dixi and bohomoon. They both stock the most gorgeous bohemian jewellery and accessories- seriously, I could spend hours filling up my basket with goodies.

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