Jean Pierre Lip Mask

Sunday, 27 March 2016

I've recently found the beauty area of TK Maxx to be very dangerous territory when you're trying to keep your spending to a minimum. Being a sucker for both a bargain and some pretty packaging means I, more often than not, come out with something I totally don't need but just had to buy. This is definitely one of those situations. 

To be fair, recently I have been suffering with the driest lips I can remember. They tend to be a pain in the arse at the best of times- I blame years of a lip biting habit and a serious addiction to lipstick- but this winter they're been on a serious drought. I do what I can to keep them as hydrated as possible but many times I've thought that they need an extra moisture boost. Clearly the beauty gods had been listening to my prayers as this lip mask seemed exactly what I was looking for.

It's really straightforward- open the packaging, take the mask out and smooth onto lips as best as you can. When you open up the packet, the mask is sat in a tray containing some excess liquid to help it maintain its moisture so you have to be careful this isn't tipped everywhere (I learnt this the hard messy way). It takes about 20 minutes for the formula to work its magic and then the mask can be peeled off to reveal freshly hydrated lips- it's so simple and quick and really did feel great. It smoothed over any cracks and injected a healthy boost of moisture, meaning my lipstick applied like a dream over the top (no dry patches- hurrah!) 

BUT (of course there's a but, there's always a but!) to my dissapointment, after a few hours the feeling of having perfectly full and moisturised lips started to wear off. It was good while it lasted and I think this type of product would be ideal for an event or just a quick moisture fix when needed, but it's not revolutionised my lipcare routine (which is really less of a routine and more desperation tbh) 
Have you tried any lip masks?

abi x

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