Photo Diary | Harry Potter Studios

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

If you follow my Instagram, you'll already have seen that I went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour over the Easter weekend. I've been a few times before but being part of a Potter-Mad family (seriously) we can always fit in another visit. I took my DSLR along for the ride this time so I could get some better quality photos to document the day.

I've grown up with Harry Potter- I remember going to see the first film in my first year of High School when Harry and friends were the same age. As I got older, the films got darker and more complex and the studios document every step along the way from the very first scene to the point at which we left Harry, Ron and Hermione all grown-up. It's fascinating to see how much work goes into creating films of this scale and everytime I visit, I'm in awe with a few aspects in particular (don't want to spoil it for anyone!)

Despite the photo-heavy post, this is such a small amount of whats to see at Harry Potter Studio Tour so I would definitely recommend a visit (I haven't spoilt all the surprises I promise) No doubt this won't be my final visit..

abi x


  1. Your photos are great, I love Harry Potter and really want to go here one day. It looks like so much fun :)

    Abigail at

  2. Love all of these photos :)

    I'm so desperate to visit the studios, I'll have to book a trip for Summer!