Too Faced Soulmates

Sunday, 20 March 2016

I cant even express how long I’ve been dreaming about these blusher/bronzer combos. They’re just too cute. If the gorgeously wearable shades and the  polly-pocket-esque heart compact wasnt enough, the fact they’ve named them after the most famous soulmates ever (Ross & Rachel and carrie & big) absolutely sealed the deal.

Originally it was just the one I was going to purchase. I tried to make my decision on more than just which soulmates were my favourites, but that was unsuccessful and I ended up buying Carrie and Big after convincing myself that the coral blush was more ‘me’ than the hot pink. I decided to google swatches AFTER making the purchase- BIG MISTAKE!! And I saw a lot of comments saying that the shades are actually a lot lighter than expected. My brain went into overdrive- had I made the wrong decision? Perhaps I should get Ross and Rachel as a backup? It’s probably the best thing to do, you can never have enough bronzers afterall. So it happened. I bought them both and now they live happily ever after in my makeup kit.

It turns out that Carrie and Big IS the lighter combo, which confirmed I made the right investment indulging in both- whilst this is the perfect shade to sweep over for a flush of daytime colour, Ross and Rachel makes more of an impact and its the version I've been reaching for an evening look. They work both separately as a blush and bronzer (although you need a pretty small brush to keep within the blush) or swirled around with a larger brush to add a more natural boost of colour. Did I need to buy them? Definitely not, but I'm so glad I did..

abi x


  1. Too Faced packaging is just so so dreamy, I want all of their products!! These are so cute, very jealous! x

    1. I know, they're so pretty aren't they- I'm the same! I want it all haha
      abi x

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