Countouring with Primark

Sunday, 10 April 2016

It's no secret that Primark's range of beauty products has been expanding for the past couple of years but it's still something thats managed to remain underneath the blogging radar. It's not a collection I often see reviewed or rated, although I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who has given into curiosity. Despite Primark being my favourite highstreet store, I was still quite hesitant when it came to buying makeup from their shelves. Speaking from experience, I know that often the price of a product is reflected in the quality, especially in the beauty world and so I kept my expectations as low as I could.

I must admit, I was initially surprised by my first impressions. The three-shade palette came in an outer-box (we all know how much I love a bit of outer-packaging) and not only contained a brush, but also instructions on how to apply each shade. I know this is something a lot of people (myself included) struggle with so its definitely a welcomed addition. The brush is okay- I mean it won't be used in my daily routine but it'll do the job if you're caught short. 

First impressions of packaging aside, the product itself holds a contour shade, a bronzer and a highlight. Or so it says. The palette I have seems to hold a bronze/contour shade, a highlight and another shade which looks suspiciously like another highlight. I'm not sure whether I've ended up with a duff product here as there is no way the third shade could be used as either a bronzer or a contour shade as it barely shows on my skin. I wondered if I had picked up the version for lighter skin-tones but it just seems to be the one shade selection they offer. The shades I do have are very yellow toned which would work for my own skin-tone but I imagine maybe wouldn't work as well on a paler skin. They apply nicely, not too pigmented but enough to make a difference, and they blended fairly well too.

To be honest, I think i was right to keep my expectations low with this one. Apart from the issues with the shades in the palette, it's just okay. It would maybe work for someone with a light skintone with warm undertones but for skin darker than my own, or even myself in the summer months, it's not even going to be visible. 

Have you tried any Primark beauty products?

abi x