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Saturday, 29 October 2016

It's been a while...

Yup, ages actually. I'm aware that I've been AWOL recently. And when I say recently, I'm referring to the past 6 months in which I've disappeared off the face of the earth bloggersphere. My main excuse was (and still is) finding a way to be a part-time blogger. I know there's hundreds of people out there who are making a living from their blog. They've quit their day-jobs, they're blogging full-time and they're living off paycheques from high-end brands. Ugh, living the dream.

I know I'm not alone in the fact that I'm not in any position to be quitting day-jobs. The day-job is here to stay, which means my blogging schedule is permanently restricted. I say it time and time again, but by the time I've completed a 40 hour working week, incorporated the remains of a social life, and had a healthy dose of beauty sleep, there's little time left to be planning, shooting & directing photo shoots, editing photos within an inch of their lives and trying to find three paragraphs worth of words to say about an eyeliner. 

The issue as well with blogging is you have to be consistent. Is one post a week enough? Is it better to promise more but then give up after a month because its just unrealistic? The aim is to be working on a little dust as a hobby, not a chore. I'm still trying to establish a healthy balance between everything I find important to my life and whilst I feel that blogging deserves a space, I'm still working on where or when it can fit....

I'm pressing the reset button as of today, starting with a new layout. I have a couple of post ideas lined up and can't wait to get back into the swing of things on my own terms... 

abi x

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