Lazy Oaf & Disney

Sunday, 20 November 2016


I love a disney collection as much as the next guy princess. Disney has had such an effect on so many people's lives for so so so many years that it's no surprise many brands have jumped on the bandwagon, releasing Disney collections. Of course, this is great for people like me. People who are far too old to be watching disney movies all day (only because we have work...) but not old enough to truly let go of our childhood. Lazy Oaf have answered our prayers and created a collection like no disney collection before.   

It's available both on asos and, both of which offer different products from the range. I love how they've managed to keep the collection fun and childish- it's not a subtle range of products, that's for sure, but that's why it's so great. Which are your favourite pieces from the collection?

abi x


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  3. These sound really lovely! Xx You will like to see more fun from here.

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